BabyBeats™ Baby Heartbeat Monitor

BabyBeats™ Baby Heartbeat Monitor

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  • BabyBeats Heartbeat Monitor allows you to hear your unborn baby's heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups, helping Mommy bond with the baby
  • START listening the moment you open the beautiful packaging with the easy-to-use and compact BabyBeats monitor, mini bottle of gel, earbuds, and an easy-to-understand guide included in the packaging.
  • USE the dual ports to plug in two sets of earbuds, or record to your device on one port while listening using the other.
  • SHARE your baby's heartbeat with the whole family: Mom, Dad, and siblings. Bond with the new baby even before birth! Our user guide clearly details how to use the included recording cable to connect to a computer and record.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED with our 30 day worry-free return policy, and a 6 month manufacturer's warranty.

Product Description:

Listen to and share your unborn baby's heartbeat from the comfort of your own home! 
BabyBeats is a Personal Home Use Sound Amplification Device that allows you to hear your baby's sounds like kicks, movements, and heartbeat.

Best when used after the 16th week of pregnancy: a baby's heartbeat is detectable between 8 and 16 weeks only under ideal conditions.
Each week, as the baby grows stronger, it will be easier to hear the heartbeat.

Safe and non-invasive, BabyBeats promotes bonding with your baby for both mommy and daddy. Comes with two audio out headphone jacks to allow for both mommy and daddy to hear the sounds together (only one set of earbuds included). Or you can share your experience with your other family members.

Record the sounds to your computer to listen to later when the baby is older - a timeless keepsake. Recorded sounds can also be shared via Social Media to Friends and Family. Or record Mommy's heartbeat to later use to soothe your new-born baby by playing the sounds back.

Compact, Easy to Use and Lightweight

Package Includes: BabyBeats monitor, 1 set of earbuds, computer recording cable, 9 volt battery and an easy-to-understand user guide. Volume is adjustable.
We also included a FREE SMALL GEL BOTTLE so you can get started right away.

We recommend liberal use of lubricating gel (included) to reduce the static caused by moving the monitor around on the belly.

Note: The BabyBeats Monitor is a listening system to hear the sounds your baby makes and IS NOT a medical device and can not be used for diagnostic or medical purposes. It is not to be used as a substitute for regular prenatal care by a licensed doctor.

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